Service Agreement - BUYMORETIME

Service Agreement

1. Client Responsibilities: Client agrees to:

1.1 Client agrees to pay an onboarding fee at a cost determined by Buy More Time. The onboarding fee is a one-time membership fee that gives the client access to our team of virtual assistants. The onboarding fee covers our time, effort, training, and managing of your virtual assistants, monitoring and listening to their calls (QA), strategizing, planning, and setting up your system (if necessary), and access to our project manager who will be coordinating and communicating with you directly to collate the tasks and delegate it to the virtual assistant (s) to ensure completion of tasks. Moreover, the project manager will be sending daily, weekly, or monthly reports whichever is preferred.

1.2 Client agrees to pay a monthly retainer fee which covers the virtual assistants’ fees and the tools to be used. The retainer fee will be paid in full before providing the service to the client.

1.3 Client understands that if he wants to add another virtual assistant service after he has paid the monthly retainer, he will have to pay the additional cost before we provide the additional service.

1.4 Client understands that he will not train the virtual assistant(s). Instead, he will coordinate with the project manager to train the virtual assistant(s) or he can send us the training materials so we can train the virtual assistant(s). This is part of our responsibilities and why we require an onboarding fee.

1.5 Client understands that we provide basic training to our virtual assistants. In the event that the client uses a different tool other than what the virtual assistant is already trained on, the client will have to provide the training material to Buy More Time. The client also understands that it will take 2-3 business days for us to fully train the virtual assistant on the tool, depending on the complexity of the tool. We also give a day of hands-on “training” where the virtual assistant will use the tool for familiarity and practice.

1.6 Client understands that we utilize a project management tool where he can upload or add the tasks and files for the virtual assistant(s) or he can send it to the project manager. This is completely optional. We also utilize email communication. The client can send emails to

1.7 Client understands that his feedback is always appreciated and should they wish to replace a virtual assistant(s), we will do so at no additional cost.

1.8 Client understands that it takes a delicate selection process and proper onboarding and training for a new virtual assistant. While we have a large team of virtual assistants, we also have a large number of clientele that hires our virtual assistants. Hence, we will need at least 1 week to prepare the virtual assistants and tools.

1.9 Client understands that all information is confidential. The virtual assistants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality and privacy of client information, systems, and tools.

1.10 Client understands that we will stop providing our service if the invoice for the monthly retainer has not been paid in 2 days via Paypal, Quickpay, or bank transfer. Our preferred payment method at this time is via Paypal: Should you prefer Quickpay or bank transfer, kindly inform us so we can give you the details.

1.11 The client will provide information regarding what he wants to do with his system and operations. Buy More Time will make recommendations but the client will always decide what he wants to do.

1.12 Client understands that Buy More Time has no control over the outcome of the strategies and operations. Client assumes responsibility for analyzing and strategizing for your operations and business. Buy More Time will only provide virtual assistant services to help the client perform the tasks for the operations.

1.13 Should the client need help or coaching regarding strategies and other tips to run the business or operations, the client can schedule a coaching session here: This is another service of Buy More Time and is not part of the virtual assistant service unless specifically purchased by the client.

1.13 Client understands that he is not allowed to go around us with the virtual assistant(s).

1.14 Any purchase of add on product or services offered by Buy More Time is charged separately such as Offer Wizard, Push To Close, etc.

2. Order Cancellation: Client responsibility:

2.1 Client must cancel any virtual assistant services in writing (e-mail ok) before the start of a new month. You can cancel the service anytime during the paid month by informing us or you can finish the whole month’s subscription and cancel before the next month starts.

2.2 Client understands that if he will not settle unpaid balances or invoices, Buy More Time has the right to withhold output delivery unless the balance is fully settled. This applies to any payments not fully processed or completed.

2.3 Client understands that the onboarding fee and monthly retainer fees are non-refundable. Buy More Time has a no refund policy.

3. Buy More Time Responsibilities: Buy More Time agrees to:

3.1 Buy More Time does not keep any Client personal data including but not limited to credit card numbers.

3.2 Buy More Time will not share any operational strategy, business plan, and data nor will we use it in our own real estate business.

3.3 Buy More Time agrees to never sell or give Client information to third parties.

3.4 Buy More Time agrees to complete the tasks assigned to the virtual assistant (s) in a timely manner. Tasks vary in work hours required to complete and an initial estimation of the number of virtual assistants required to finish the work is given by Buy More Time but may be reassessed at any given time should there be a need to hire more assistants to produce the required results.