Return and Refund Policy - BUYMORETIME

Return and Refund Policy

Any refund of your Buy More Time membership or participation expenses will be governed by the Refund Policy mentioned below. Further, some particular task-based plans and other services or offerings may be governed by their individual refund policies or the project agreement. In all such cases, the individual refund policy or the project contract terms should be applied in addition to this policy unless and otherwise, it is contradictory to this, in which case the individual service/task/subscription/product contract refund terms might overrule this policy.

At the beginning of every month based on the appropriate plan, Buy More Time in advance bills its customer with the plan that they have subscribed to.

  • Refunds on the cancellation/deduction will be accepted only if the client has served the due notice period for cancellation/deduction. Any excess amount after adjusting for the notice period and pending dues if any, shall be refunded to the customer. All cancellation and deduction requests require a 30 day notice period.
  • Refunds during the trial period, do not apply as we do not charge a client during the trial period. Only if the client continues further the trial period, therefore indicating acceptance to retaining use of Buy More Time services, charging them as per the terms and conditions of the plans.
  • Refunds on non-usage of plan hours by the client are not accepted. Only Rollovers are approved as per the terms and condition of the plan.
  • Refunds are not applicable to items/products that are brought on behalf of the client as per the client’s instructions using the client’s credit card.
  • In the event of inadequacy of service, Buy More Time will make each reasonable effort to rectify the problem and rework on the assignment/task/project and deliver it back to the clients. Refunds because of inadequacy in service will be provided best in terms of additional hours of service on a pro-rata basis as per plan. All such requests must be directed to Buy More Time either through e-mail within 3 business days of receipt of a completed task/project/assignment, failing which it is believed that the service quality is acceptable and there is no deficiency in service. The decision of the company will be final and binding in this matter. All assignment/task/project are undertaken on a quality effort basis only.
  • Buy More Time and its virtual assistants will be not accountable or liable for inadequate or delayed documentation/information from client concerning to any specific task(s), errors/ mistakes, not bearing on Buy More Time’s scope of work, inability of clients to follow procedure or requirements or due to any other reasons beyond the control of Buy More Time.
  • Any refunds due to errors in billing, referral discount or any such thing will be made to your credit card or Paypal account. To avoid any fraudulent acts, refunds are issued back only through the same payment process as the payment was made through and no substitutions are allowed. i.e) if you paid by your Visa card then the refund can only be issued back to the same Visa card number you paid with and not a different credit credit card/cash/cheque/and so forth.
  • You will be subject to credit card transaction charges and fluctuations in the exchange rate on such refunds because of the payment gateway and the mediator banks that are involved in the transaction; we have no control over these charges and cannot expect what they may be. Timelines for receipt of funds into your credit card account may also vary according to the types of the cards/ banks. Our duty is to act on issuing money back where agreed upon after resolution of the case, within three business days.

If you need any clarification or any issue regarding our refund policy, please contact our billing team.